You can't say NFTs without nefties.

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NFTs are booming. The metaverse and virtual reality are booming. The metaverse was recently projected to be worth $10 trillion (with a T) in a decade. NFTs and the metaverse go hand-in-hand. Here's why this domain has almost unlimited value: "About" is about NFTs. Whereas cryptocurrencies are over a decade old now, NFTs are infants on the verge of booming. If you're viewing this site, you've likely heard of the CryptoKitties NFTs that crashed onto the Ethereum blockchain a few years ago. But, the NFTs are growing onto so many other blockchains as well: WAX, Phantasma, HIVE, NEO, EOS, FLOW, NEAR, PALM, and making a promise of the ability to mint free NFTs using EOSIO is Plus, maybe you've heard of DeFi, decentralized finance. Well, there's also NFTfi.

It is early and it is happening.

If you're asking, "What's an NFT?", read the "Learn" page. Or, go to the Get Started page and get your first, gift NFT.

If you already know about NFTs, then you likely get it. You know that they're here to stay and that they are growing daily. You can get a free one too.

Either way, I'm happy you're here. :)

You can't say NFTs without nefties.

Million Dollar NFT

Do you recall the "Million Dollar Homepage" in the early 2000s? Well, here's the "Million Dollar NFT".

Click to learn more.

Keeping up with NFTs

When I started this website, I had to search for NFT articles. Now, they come at us. Daily.

Things are happening far too fast in the NFT space to keep up so these current news feeds were added.

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